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Dog Guard North Georgia

Why Dog Guard® of North Georgia

My name is Criquette Hyde. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Thomas, for 15 years. We have a blended family with a total of 5 boys.

Our 2 youngest children, Trenton (11) and Cormick (9), are both animal lovers like their parents. Along with our 12 chickens and 2 turkeys we have 2 awesome dogs! "Copper" is our German Shorthair Pointer and "Blue" is our blue-eyed mixed girl - both strays that my husband brought home... As most of our dogs have been strays or rescues (they really do make the best pets)!

We are a sports of ANY kind family and enjoy camping, going to the beach, and cook-outs for family/friend gatherings. The more the merrier and if it can be done outside, all the better.

We are excited to "fence in" North Georgia and help pet owners keep their fur babies safe.

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